stuckwithnerds (stuckwithnerds) wrote,


...has become fun again. Not quite the "just got my license" fun, but close...

This post is long overdue, but in being late, shows just how real the "fun" is. So what's so fun? This:

Sure, its the "same" car I had before...but add 5 years, a turbocharger, some performance oriented parts, and a "limited" package, and its a whole other machine. I bought this (traded in my old car) just before christmas 08, and I still am not "used" to driving it! Even a few days ago I drove home late at night in a huge circle through winding roads just for the hell of it...

It not only looks and performs better, but it also sounds better (thanks to too many hours of my time stripping the car to its skeleton and installing a custom sound system). It's really a fun car to drive...I think I'd rather just live in it...well not really...but you get the point!

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