stuckwithnerds (stuckwithnerds) wrote,

True Story...well kinda

Sometime late last night:

You came off the elevator...into this room where a party was going was both 2007 and 1999 according to the signs and looked upset...i mentioned it was a party about the past and pointed at the started to cry in my wouldnt let go...we were suddenly laying on the floor...and the world zoomed out...and i woke were still there though...the world just faded into a new got up and walked party this time...a different room...still generic wouldnt look at me...i closed my eyes...then i woke up...this time i was crying...but i was in my own room and in my own i just went back to sleep...

I'll never know if i ever really woke up that last time...or if it was part of the dream...and I'll never know who you were...or where those places were...or what year it even was...

dreams are so mysterious sometimes...


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