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08 September 2007 @ 02:49 am
So I find after all this walking (probably 3 or 4 miles) and being outside today...--walked to campus...walked back from campus...stood outside for the SCS PGR...walked the SCS PGR race course back to the start...walked to naomi's...sat outside for hours...walked back from naomi's--...that (a) I enjoy walking more than I think I do...and (b) I really really enjoy nights in general (the air, the sounds, the kinda darkness)...I kinda knew the second but maybe its just that tonight is really a nice night...

Id like to think so..

(wow two entries in a day after none in like 6 weeks...what am i coming to)

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07 September 2007 @ 07:09 pm
Precursor before I get to today...this summer I had installed radio antennas on my car and a mobile scanner (which has actually been really really useful in finding speed traps when driving on the highway...much more than radar since it will alert me to the presence of an officer without them having to even think about touching a radar gun!)...so thats pretty much the end of that---

So today I volunteered at CMU's (27th annual i think?) School of Computer Science Pretty Good Race (SCS PGR) doing a general safety detail...making sure no one passes out in the heat...and directing people so they keep on the right course...so I had all my radio gear with me and antennas on the car...and of course NY plates in PA...nothing too unusual :-P

As I was driving down to the course (a nature trail in Schenly Park) I noticed I was being followed by a white crown vic....under closer inspection I noticed it had an antenna in back...

Anyway I kept on my way and a few turns later I pulled into a parking spot...it was actually a row of 4 spots and i pulled up to the front spot...the crown vic pulled behind me...

At this point I could clearly see it was an unmarked car, with an officer inside in uniform...it was also apparent he was trained as an officer because he had pulled behind me at an angle facing toward traffic and was 2 feet further into the road than I was (thats done to use the car to protect the officer when they walk up and take your info)...

So I kept doing my thing...just searching for quarters for the meter-nothing too exciting...I knew I had nothing illegal and had done nothing wrong...he just sat there...

I had turned on my radio when I got into the car so i was still listening to the pittsburgh police at this point...just waiting to hear him call out my plate to do a check...but no luck...

About a minute later I got out of the car and was seriously debating wether to approach him...but I decided against it and went towards the meter to deposit my $1.00 in quarters so I could park until the meters no longer needed to be fed...at that point he pulled out into the road and left...

This was my first real "experience" with "the law" since I had installed the antennas...lets hope it never gets more involved than this first one...

So thats my story...made me laugh..."they probably think you're FBI" is what one person said...heh...if only I had that kind of immunity to the law ;-)


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20 July 2007 @ 09:54 pm
As of today...the new cards are in...

Who wants one?


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13 June 2007 @ 08:02 pm
so I know you still read this...yea i mean *you*...just havnt felt like typing in a while so i havnt had much to say...even tho its not much to say anyway i still do...hey...you dont have to read this...but every once and a while its interesting so you do anyway...see...youre reading...

anyway...Ive been busy lately...working every day at the village of mount kisco doing traffic engineering stuff 8:30-4:30...i can't believe it but already my name is going to be on a traffic promulgation eliminating parking on grove st once a week for 3 hours...thats a good "i cant believe it" but a bad one too since thats not a popular thing to have your name on...my name will be on plenty of other good things soon enough...keep an eye out for changes to the main street corridor...ive been in contact with the NYS DOT and they are ready to work ;-)

i just drafted the letter about no parking today and it will probably be sent out this week...then i wait for the masses of letters back from people complaining...but i tried to show them the good side...clean streets...less commuters and business employees parking in front of their houses...stuff like that...well see...im still expecting at least 7 letters back...then it gets sent to the board and then approved...then i make sure signs are posted and it becomes effective in 10 days...kinda weird to be in charge of this...and i literally am...no one is giving me direction or guiding me other than shoves in the general direction once a week...

but work is good...i finally have a computer that works and (i think) is stable...finally...2 weeks with this junky computer...and IM the one telling the computer guy whats wrong with it...guess those 3 years at bedford central at T.S.C. paid off :-P

so other than work theres been class...yes i know the only reason im taking class this summer is because i failed class during the "school year"...but either way it is sucking up a good deal of time...and the professor is horrible...the class pretty much teaches the class...the professor just makes mistakes and asks questions to the class...you know...those rhetorical questions that they ask...except this guy actually wants (maybe even needs) an answer...and he is actually a "professor" too WITH a phd...hes doing research on gravity....what a crazy guy...he cant even consistently write down what gravity is during the course of a problem...9.80 or 9.81? make up your mind! (not worth $3,532.00 if you ask me)...but at least its about 14 thousand times easier than CMU...

and other than that ive been busy doing the homework and labs for that class and all the stuff around the house that i apparently havnt done while i was away in pittsburgh...wonder why...it seems like there are endless things i have to do that only get done when im around...it really concerns me what will happen in 20 years...will the house fall down?

and other than that (this is down to about 10 minutes out of every 24 hours now) ive been enjoying being home, being close to manhattan again, and seeing some friends as well...and i think i only have another 4 weeks of class too so i'll start to have even more free time after that...

not to mention various long trips that will take place this summer to pittsbugh with my sister (for her orientation and so i can move some stuff into my house) and then reading with pete to keep with a tradition and who knows what else could happen...this summer sure is busy

and randomly switching topics now...i was going through some of the things ive written...its really interesting to see how eloquent (at least i think so) some of the things ive written have been...and also how completely -not- eloquent some of the other things have been....it really proves how my mind just is all over the place all the time...not sure if thats such a great thing yet...but at least i keep myself occupied...and probably keep a few people entertained as well :-P

anyway...its been long enough...and of course ive got lab work to do for class tomorrow...oh yea and our first exam too...

I'll probably hit 5,000 soon too...

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06 May 2007 @ 05:28 am
Well its a three for one with this post...

first its a look into my life (or at least my room)...

second its a test of a new program I got that automatically (well sometimes it needs a little help) will stitch together multiple photos to make a larger "panorama"...and

third its an "end of an era" as its the end of my two year stay in welch house on campus before I move off into our awesome house next year...

Ive made two images with this program and it works very well. It seems to be picky though when it comes to changing perspective, as it is hard to alter an image in so many ways that changing a simple camera angle does. Overall the larger panorama I did of my room came out well (its actually 7 individual shots) but I shifted weight on the tripod (which was on my bed) when I got to the door and it becomes VERY evident in the final work. No matter how much tweaking I did I could not get anything to match up...changing perspective or angle or anything changes a lot of things to change in a picture...you wouldnt think so...but it does...also (common sense i would think but i looked over it at first) use a manual setting so you dont end up with 7 different exposure settings and 7 randomly lighter and darker pictures that dont match edge to edge in brightness and color.

(My Lounge/Office/Kitchen/Bedroom Room)


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21 February 2007 @ 01:48 am
I found myself once again spacing out for about 2 hours and looking at different films online...this time mostly stop motion compared to my last "watching spree" of time lapse (yes there is a difference)

These are a few Im going to share in case you are bored or interested:

*First is a humorous one involving the classic legos and a Jamie Kennedy song

*Second is the same medium, but complete 180 in terms of theme...this one will make you think twice

*Third is a classic idea of what you might think of as "stop motion"...something inanimate is made animate by taking a lot of sequential pictures and running them together to make "motion"....like a fridge

*Fourth is a very nicely done (hand drawn) piece in that old rotoscope style...based on a poem it involves a nice combination of the drawn frames and effects in post production

*And Last is an older one I stumbled on during the holidays but thought it was very creative and it just happened to fit into this listing now..again hand drawn

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07 February 2007 @ 01:11 pm
So Im starting to remember why Pittsburgh SUCKS in the winter...

Theres always some sort of snow event every day and is always cold and always windy...like -5 *F the other night...and +3 as a "HIGH"...then take away about 10 or 15 more degrees for the "wind chill" or the breath of the grim reaper...whatever it is...its cold...

Plus you know its cold when the piles of salt on the sidewalk freeze...

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14 November 2006 @ 06:10 am
DON'T. I dont think I've ever really been happy with any of the printers I've owned from them, and I've never heard anything great about their computers either.

The following is something you should read and consider before deciding on an HP product...

That said...I am so frustrated with HP and their bullshit non-english speaking screen readers that they call "customer service" or "technical support"...I need to talk to people who at least have a brain of their own so they know what is really going on instead of listening for keywords and then clicking on their screen to see what to say next...

I know my printer is out of warranty, but im not going to pay $30 for support, Im not calling for support about the "product"...I am calling because YOU told me to buy an incompatible cartridge, but now its "out of warranty" for technical support?...this isnt about TECHNICAL SUPPORT...I just want you to send me a fucking cartridge that works since i tried to use (and opened, so I can not return) the one that you told me to buy, but DOESNT WORK with my printer!

I'm so tired of running around in circles with this company, and all this AFTER having to send back this same printer because of faulty firmware that they had factory installed and distributed that caused the print head to leak acidic ink all over the printer and cause it to fail permanently after just barely 3 months (and to other people within weeks). Their solution..."send it back, we'll send you a new one". So I ask if it has the new firmware on it. "No it wont, so it will fail again due to the same problem, but the new firmware is being worked on and will be distributed in the future."

What. The. Fuck.

Can HP not get ANYTHING right??

I hope anyone who reads this takes this into consideration before choosing an HP product...I've dealt with many, many, technical support centers (probably throughout the world), but NEVER have I had problems like I do with HP.

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07 November 2006 @ 06:47 pm
Soon i'll have my name in lights...well...probably not...but DEFINITELY keep your eyes out for yours truly taking a nice guest appearance as a "walking student" extra in the feature length film Smart People in 2007.

The Scene:

The Release:

How Cool is THAT!
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14 September 2006 @ 03:26 am
its raining again...

sometimes it just gets depressing...

especially since i havnt seen the sun in a week...

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